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City of Cambridge Preservation Awards

Metropolitan Storage Warehouse

BET was awarded the Preservation Award by the City of Cambridge on May 22, 2014.


Building Envelope Technologies (BET) was awarded and presented the Preservation Award for our work with assisting on the restoration and renovation of the historic building enclosure at 134 Massachusetts Avenue, the Metropolitan Storage Warehouse. The project includes a challenging adaptive reuse program for the conversion of an historic building structure serving as a storage facility, converted to new use as residential dormitories, meeting and maker spaces. This process will entail creating a dynamic new space which looks inward for its definition, rather than outward as defined by the monumental building structure that it is. The new program seeks to minimize impacts for the historic structure and
emphasize the experience for the occupants.  A full scale façade restoration project was put into motion. BET was retained to develop design documents for the full restoration of the building façade and the replacement of the windows. Originally constructed for industrial use, the building was recently purchased by MITIMCO and has been in the process of being rehabilitated. BET developed a comprehensive masonry restoration program for the building, including structural reconstruction of aging solid masonry walls, full scale cleaning and repointing of the brick masonry exterior, and consulting services on water infiltration issues at the basement and the roof. BET is honored to have been selected as  building envelope consultant on this historic restoration project and to have this award presented to the company by the City of Cambridge.