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Treetops Condominiums

Falmouth, MA

Deck Evaluation

BET was retained by the Condominium Association at Treetops Condominiums in Falmouth, MA to evaluate and report on the issues to the condos back decks. Our observations are specifically in regards to the overall conditions of the deck structural systems including the posts, joists, ledger boards, beams, and connections. This does not include individual deck-by-deck specific recommendations. The Treetops Condominiums consists of 15 buildings that have 62 individual residential units in the complex. A large number of the decks on the property had rotting or damaged joists, beams, joist hangers, and ledger boards. Based on the evaluation, a large number of the unit decks have heavy timber support beams that are deteriorating and rotting. Based on BET's findings from the survey, we gave our recommendations for the above property to prove to be of some assistance to the owners in the care, maintenance and preservation of the property.


Treetops Condominium Association

Building Envelope Consultant 


Property manager

Barkan Management Company, Inc.