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Museum of Fine Arts

Boston, MA

Museum Building Enclosure

Before the establishment of BET in 2000, its connection with MFA Boston began as early as 1993. It was during this time that BET's future president penned the landmark program survey for the museum. This foundational relationship set the stage for BET to offer a breadth of services, encompassing an in-depth evaluation of the museum's main facility and its adjacent parking garage. This collaboration highlighted specific challenges, particularly within the masonry construction, prompting a comprehensive restoration initiative. Given that the MFA is a historically significant structure, BET's involvement demanded a sensitive and knowledgeable approach. Over the years, BET has consistently expanded its consulting services for the MFA, undertaking numerous projects that span analysis, design, and construction administration. The museum also entrusted BET to work on multiple offsite properties it owns. BET's expertise in diverse architectural elements like roofing, skylights, windows, and masonry illustrates the firm's holistic approach and unwavering commitment to excellence.