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295 Huntington Avenue

Boston, MA

Capital Reserve Study

BET performed a capital reserve study on the building 295 Huntington Avenue located in Boston, MA. The building primarily consists of a four-story structure of heavy timber wood framing and solid brick masonry exterior walls. The property was constructed in the mid to late 19th century. On September 27th, BET visited the site to review the property and evaluate the condition of the building owned common area components. A full evaluation of the property was performed, which included walking in and around the building and accessing the roof. Following the site evaluation, we generated an itemized list of the common area components, which included the item quantities and their existing (known and estimated) ages. Based on their ages and the conditions observed on site, we then estimated the remaining service lives of the various components and developed budgetary cost estimates for the eventual replacement of the same. Using this data we then prepared a plan for addressing the anticipated capital replacement expenses at the property.

Building Envelope Consultant