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Physical Sciences Building

UMass Amherst

Historic Building Relocation and New Enclosure Design

BET worked with Wilson Architects on the design and construction of the new Physical Sciences Building at Umass Amherst, including design development, construction document preparation, and construction observation. The greatest challenge of this project was moving the historic West Experiment Station building to make room for the new building. BET worked with Structures North and RJ Kenney to evaluate the structural integrity of the original building. Through physical inspection, infrared surveys, flat jack testing, and brick and mortar material testing, BET concluded that the existing building was too fragile to be moved. Instead the entire exterior of the building had to be taken apart brick by brick, stone by stone, and then reassembled over a steel frame at the new location. The completed project was a huge success for the University, both in preserving their oldest structure on the campus, and in creating new space for the faculty and students.